SRA OSS Inc. launches
Open Web - an Open Source, Eclipse based platform for application development and deployment.
SRA as a leading global Open source solutions provider has been instrumental in bringing the benefits of open source to the mainstream database. SRA is the leading global services provider of PosgreSQl… Read more
SRA is the leading supporter of the open source software (OSS) movement globally and has pro-actively promoted OSS products such as Linux, PowerGres etc... Read more
Global Leaders in Open Source and Linux Solutions

As a major contributor to the Open Source community, SRA  has been involved with the Open Source and Linux domain since 1980, much before the term was coined. SRA has a long history of contribution to the Open Source domain and serves as a one stop solutions provider for a full range of Open Source and Linux solutions. With more than 37 years of experience serving global customers SRA brings world class services, products, innovative solutions, comprehensive maintenance, support and training along with a global consulting resource pool to assist enterprises in their Open Source and Linux initiatives.  

SRA offers a suite of services and solutions including products,world class support,process and methodology along with the expertise and skills of a large global pool of service professionals to assist in your Open Source and IT initiatives globally.

SRA’s Linux services are focused around server side linux, desk-top linux, embedded linux, linux internals and kernels and device drivers...Read more
SRA complements its, comprehensive service offerings with a suite of Open Source products and solution stacks.The key products are in the Open Source database domain such as Powergres HA (PostgreSQL enhanced with HA features) and OpenWeb (Eclipse framework optimized by a broad range of plug-ins).

The solution stacks include best of breed Open Source...Read more
Today Embedded Linux is becoming a popular viable alternative to proprietary embedded RTOS technology.

SRA is the leading global provider of Embedded Linux solutions to include design, development, implementation an support.It is involved in embedded software developmentacross a wide range of platforms such as MIPS,ARM,SH,Xscale,Power PC,OMAP...Read more